Start with Naradana Software

Naradana Software is the company dedicated to change the world of web-based software development, based on the concepts of Holistic Programming. The Naradana Platform enables web-based development of interactive internet applications following the principle of WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get").

First versions of the Naradana Platform have been involved in projects of Naradana WebSolutions. It works! And there is a bunch of solutions and solution subsystems ready to be used.

Next steps: What works for us should work for every web developer - Naradana Platform becomes a product.

Our vision: every internet user should be able to create his or her individual Web 2.0 solution with the Naradana Platform and leverage a huge set of pre-defined subsystems created by us and others.

While the Naradana Platform is supposed to be used in a wide field, we identified three areas where customers can immediately understand the benefits of using it. These areas are those we will start to focus our marketing activities on. They are:

  • Web designers creating interactive web solutions
  • Prototyping solutions
  • Structured knowledge management

Check-out the products page for more details.

We're on the way... - together with you?

We'd be clad to see your interest or even your participation: This is how you can be involved - there are many possibilities:

  • Join as investor to participate financially at the future success we will have.
  • Apply for a job - we are building our team to start with as soon as the financial base is created.
  • Register as future beta tester to be among the first to benefit from the possiblities the Naradana Platform offers.
  • Get your individual solution from Naradana WebSolutions build on base of the current version of Naradana Platform - it's already highly sophisticated and your solution will already offer many functions the platform product will show later.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us in any way you feel comfortable with - knowing you are there and showing interest already means a lot to us.